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True Up – All Fabric, All the Time

Jan 06

Heart True Up! It is not only my goto site but the goto site for many fabric fanatics. It’s a fabric wonderland of all the latest fabric news like where to shop and a wealth of inspiration for both sewers and designers.

True Up

Why do I love it so much? Aside from inspiration, it’s a very practical resource! Shopping for just the right fabric for your project is a task in itself. The fabric you choose changes a pattern or your project from awkward to amazing or bad to beautiful. And it of course makes it uniquely your own creation. There’s still no substitute for going to the store, to browse the fabric patterns, materials, and feel in person. But wandering around endless aisles of floor to ceiling fabrics, climbing shelves to touch the fabric, pulling fabrics, and then standing in the store poring over them for hours is unappealing to both you and the store! So being able to do some of your homework online saves some energy. It helps you organize what you like more effectively and narrow down some options. (more…)

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