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OMG! Heart Boticca!

Mar 26

Here are just a few of the wonderful textile artisans featured on Boticca! From Knit Necklaces to Felted Handbags to Shibori Textiles to Macrame Jewelry. Yes, exquisite macrame jewelry no less. All handmade!

Boticca is a high-end marketplace for handmades. Like an Etsy but with a sophisticated eye for fashion and design. The carefully curated Boticca artists and designers can join the marketplace through an application process or by invitation only. Headquartered in London and officially launched in October 2010, its founders were inspired by the souks of Marrakech and decided to bring their interpretation of the bazaars of Morocco to the web.

Alma Necklace by Margot Fantasy Felt Bag by Justin Smith Designs Shoulder Wrap by Justin Smith DesignsGreen Feather Necklace by Ifat Creations Silver Feather Necklace by Ifat Creations Obi Belt Phoenix by UrocoPure Textile Necklace by Saako  Fado Textile Necklace by Saako Pixelate Infinity Shawl by String Theory

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