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Mass Market vs. Handmade + Crochet

Aug 23

Comez Crochet Machine via
Comez Crochet Machine via Crochet Concupiscence

I discovered something new about Crochet! I came across a heated-ish discussion on Twitter the other day about Mass Market vs. Handmade which led me to the discovery above. And the question – Is there such a thing as machine-made Crochet? Knitted items are easily mass produced without a human hand in sight. And are commonly found in many goods and apparel. But what about Crochet? But before we get into that…

At What Point Is Something Mass Market?
It’s an awkward question in general because it really depends on the context. There are also generally accepted industry and business standards on how mass-market is defined in order to provide rules and regulations for how that business is to operate. But the thread itself got me thinking where the line was drawn for me. I wished I could link to the actual conversation but Twitter sucks. It’s also an interesting topic these days especially because Handmade and Handcrafted has been having a resurgence or renaissance of sorts. Partially in part to the Internet which ironically enough is also responsible for making many a good and service more “global” and more one-size-fits-all at the same time.

@spacecadetcreat, @mk_caroll, @lornaslaces, and @glamsmitten were debating the line between mass market and hand-crafted. Where is the line drawn? (more…)

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