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Pattern: Ski Hat with Giant Pompom 2.0

Nov 25

Ski Hat with Pompom Ski Hat with Pompom

I upgraded my Ski Hat with Giant Pompom pattern by adding a basic ribbed brim. Oh, what a difference! The simple 1×1 Rib gives it some extra length and style for a more finished look. I now love the way it has just the right amount of sag to the top!

Ski Hat with Giant PompomOriginal Ski Hat with Giant Pompom

The full pattern is in my previous post here. Follow the entire pattern from beginning to end. After you’ve completed the pattern, continue by following these additional instructions:

Pick up the stitches on the back loops (the ones facing the inside of hat) of your last completed row. Pick up 1 additional stitch. You should have 82 stitches on your needle (half the number of stitches in the original pattern plus 1).

Rounds 1-36: K1, P1 until end of round.

Bind off loosely to allow for stretch in the ribbing. Fold up and wear! :)


Pattern: Pup Squad Dog Sweater

Oct 14

Erica's Pup Squad Sweater
Here’s Erica in her new sweater complete with skirt and dog bone motif on the butt!

Erica's Pup Squad Sweater Erica's Pup Squad Sweater Erica's Pup Squad Sweater Erica's Pup Squad Sweater Erica's Pup Squad Sweater Erica's Pup Squad Sweater Erica's Pup Squad Sweater

It’s a mock cheerleader sweater I found on My Savannah Cottage. I modified it by adding a knitted Dog Bone Motif instead of using applique. There is a large dog bone motif on the bottom right of the sweater just above the skirt and a small dog bone motif on the upper right chest. My pattern is below.

Red Heart Supersaver, Worsted Weight, 0376 Burgundy, 100% Acrylic, 364 Yards
Red Heart Supersaver, Worsted Weight, 4313 Aran Fleck, 100% Acrylic, 364 Yards
Alternate Yarn: Red Heart Heathers, Worsted Weight, 4453 Warm Red, 100% Acrylic, 260 Yards

US Size 8 [5.0mm] Clover Takumi Velvet Circular Needles 29″
Tapestry or Yarn Needle

Medium (25 pound dog)
Neck – 13″ -16″ girth
Chest – 21″ girth
Neck to Tail – 20″ length

Back Body – 12″ x 17″
Front Body – 8″ x 13″

Stitch Legend:
Stockinette Stitch – Knit all stitches in one row, Purl all stitches in next row.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Back Body
Cast On 35 stitches
Row 1-4: Stockinette Stitch
Row 5: (RS) Kfb, Knit until 2 sts left, Kfb, K (37 sts)
Row 6: Purl all stitches
Row 7-14: Repeat Rows 5-6 (45 sts)
Rows 15 – 66: Stockinette Stitch (52 rows or until piece measure 2″ from where you’d like it to end)

Do Dog Bone Motif (Large)
Row 1: (RS) K22, K1, K10, K1, K11
Row 2: P10, P3, P8, P3, P 21
Row 3: K21, K14, K10
Row 4: P11, P12, P22
Row 5: K23, K10, K12
Row 6: P11, P12, P22
Row 7: K21, K14, K10
Row 8: P10, P3, P8, P3, P 21
Row 9: K22, K1, K10, K1, K11
Row 10: Purl all stitches

Row 77: (RS) Kfb, K21, Kfb, K21, Kfb (48 sts)
Row 78: Purl all stitches

Row 79 (RS): *K4, yo; repeat from *; end K4.
Row 80: Purl.
Row 81: (RS) *K5, yo; repeat from *; end K4.
Row 82: Purl.
Row 83: (RS) *K6, yo; repeat from *; end K4.
Row 84: Purl.
Row 85: (RS) *K7, yo; repeat from *; end K4.
Row 86: Purl.
Row 87: (RS) *K8, yo; repeat from *; end K4.
Row 88: Purl.
Row 89: (RS) *K9, yo; repeat from *; end K4.
Row 90: Purl.
Bind off.

Front Body
Cast On 20 stitches
Row 1-4: Stockinette Stitch
Row 5: (RS) Kfb, Knit until 2 sts left, Kfb, K (22 sts)
Row 6: Purl all stitches
Row 7-14: Repeat Rows 5-6 (30 sts)
Rows 15-24: Stockinette Stitch

Do Dog Bone Motif (Small)
Row 1: (RS) K17, K2, K3, K2, K6
Row 2: P6, P7, P17
Row 3: K18, K5, K7
Row 4: P6, P7, P17
Row 5: K17, K2, K3, K2, K6

Rows 30-69: Stockinette Stitch (39 rows from bone or until piece measure 12″)
Bind off on next (RS) row.


Pattern: Big Stitch Rug

Jul 15

Big Stitch Rug

Big Stitch Rug

Big Stitch Rug

Big Stitch Rug

Big Stitch Rug

Big Stitch Rug

Big Stitch Rug

Big Stitch Rug

Big Stitch Rug

I made this mock big stitch rug as a dog mat/bed for my new puppy, Erica. It’s my do-it-yourself version of big stitch knitting without actually investing in specialty needles or yarns. The yarns and needles are expensive and hard to find. So rather than spring for giant knitting needles (I’d rarely use), I made do with materials and needles that are more commonly found in knitting shops and/or ones avid knitters might already have! All I did was use 7 strands of yarn together at once and jumbo sized knitting needles. That’s it. All those materials and tools can be found at your local craft store or yarn shop. Convenience and versatility.

❤ Erica loves it! Meet Erica (via her Pinterest!)

Red Heart Super Saver, Medium Thyme 0406, 100% Acrylic, 364 yards (Lt. Green)
Red Heart Super Saver, Dark Sage 0633, 100% Acrylic, 364 yards (Forest Green)
Red Heart Super Saver, Carrot 0256, 100% Acrylic, 364 yards (Pumpkin)
Red Heart Heathers, Teal 4470, 100% Acrylic, 260 yards (Wedgewood Blue)
Red Heart Soft, Teal 9518, 100% Acrylic, 256 yards (Dk. Teal)
Caron Simply Soft, Plum Wine 9918, 100% Acrylic, 366 yards (Dusty Rose)
Loops & Threads Impeccable Yarn, Cadet 01106, 100% Acrylic, 268 yards (Lt. Blue)
Alternate Yarns
Red Heart Super Saver, Rose Pink 0372, 100% Acrylic, 364 yards (Pale PInk)
Red Heart Classic, Cameo Rose 0759, 100% Acrylic, ??? yards (Dk. Dusty Rose)

US Size 19 [15.00mm] Lion Brand Circular Knitting Needles, 29″

Approx. 24″ x 32″

Cast On 34 stitches (long-tail cast on)
Row 1: Knit all stitches
Row 2: Purl all stitches
Repeat Rows 1-2 until 58 Rows

End on a Knit Row (end after completing a Knit Row)
Bind Off (knit-wise)
Weave in ends.

Makes a great stash buster! Use any combination of Medium/Worsted Weight Yarns you’d like. I chose 7 yarns with varying textures. All Worsted Weight 4-ply yarns. Caron Simply Soft is, well, soft and with a sheen, while the Red Heart was your typical acrylic yarn with a mock wool look and feel. Choose your own colorways to match any decor you’d like. Highlight, lowlight, complementary, varying textures, or just use a single color. It’s up to you!

Synthetic yarns like Acrylic make it durable and machine washable. Very handy for a rug or dog bed!

Combining multiple strands of yarn also gives cheapie econo yarn a more luxurious look and feel.

I used scarp yarn. I ran out of some colors at various stages and just joined on some new ones. Replace them with similar colors or just join on with whatever you have as long as it’s the same weight yarn. The joins blend right in without much work, even a clumsy tiny knot works.

I leave it so the edges curl up. Ending on a Knit Row and binding off knit-wise helps the ends curl up. Casting on using a long-tail cast on also helps the ends curl up. I cast on using a modified long-tail cast on and then begin on a Knit Row. Use any cast-on method preferred.

Modified long-tail cast on – my modified long-tail cast on is kind of a hack but for patterns where it doesn’t matter, it’s great. I use the yarn coming directly from the skein as the working yarn rather than creating a tail. Create a slip knot as normal without a long tail. Instead of measuring out a length of yarn to use as the cast-on yarn, I only use the yarn coming directly from the ball to create each cast-on stitch. Video to come.

Keep your rug from slipping by getting some IKEA non-slip rug liners.

What is Big Stitch Knitting (or Crochet)?
Big Stitch Knitting or Mega Knitting is just that. Giant knitting needles (that you must either knit on the floor or on a giant table) require specially made tools and yarns. Read more about Big Stitch in my previous post. Buy some Big Knit tools and yarns online at BagSmith and Big Loop. They have all the tools and yarns you’ll need. Google “Big Stitch Knitting” for a wealth of info.

Arm Knitting
Knit without any tools. Just your arms and some yarn! I was inspired to do this DIY mock big stitch when I saw an article in the news recently about Arm Knitting. Simply Maggie and Pinning Mama have nice tutorials. Google “Arm Knitting” for a wealth of info. Check out Dornob for a nice post.

Arm Knitting

OMG! Heart Ravelry

May 16

Why has Ravelry never gotten its own post on my website!? It’s been an institution online for the Knitting and Crochet community since its inception. And something that is such a given sometimes people forget to mention it! I’d been knitting for years but only found out about it around 2010. I guess I was knitting in my own bubble without many friends who shared my hobby and oblivious to such a thriving community. So perhaps a post like this may help other ninja bubble knitters (and crocheters!).


Great Community
There’s lots of groups and networks for whatever your knitting or crocheting heart desires. Ask questions in the forum, look for pattern help, plug in and make some new friends, share your expertise, or simply post your completed projects for the whole community to see. Trolling the groups is also a great way to get a birds eye view into the knitting and crochet subculture.

Great Tools
There are lots of great tools too like a project tracker, stash manager, needles and hooks manager, you can favorite your favorite projects, place them in a queue, keep track of works in progress, and check out what others have to say about the pattern you’re working on. And the tools don’t suck. All the yarns actually link to the manufacturer, colorway, etc. You can even include when you bought it and the price. They’ve really thought of everything.

For crafters who also sell their handmades online, it’s a great way to maximize your exposure. Kind of like Facebook but for Knitting or Crochet only!

What I Like Best
The really advanced pattern finder. You can search for very specific things from hats for kids in worsted weight yarn only to all free patterns for skirts to only projects using Size I9 hooks or US Size 5 Needles. It’s really handy. For crafters looking for just the right pattern or some inspiration it’s really one of the best pattern finders out there. Simply because it’s crowd sourced!

You can also find lots of helpful pattern insight. For example, if someone or some people have already worked on your pattern and posted it up, you can find it there, check out their comments and errata to see if they’ve stumbled across the same problems you have! There are so many projects and patterns, especially free ones found online, that it’s probably been done by someone on Ravelry! Yup, it’s that great.

The only cons are you must be logged in to see anything. So someone cannot simply link to a page, me on Ravelry, and just see some content. Which I find really restrictive. They should make some pages public or at least partially public like on Facebook! It would at least give people a taste of what they might be signing up for before they sign up. Other than that I hope they never change how well it works or how many great features they offer!

It’s Free!
Ravelry now has 3 million users! So it’s popular and definitely a powerful resource. 3 million knitters and crocheters from all over the world is in itself a cool concept. It’s really a knitter or crocheter’s dream online buddy. For those who are especially organized, it’s got everything you need to satisfy your obsession. Really. If you’re not already on there, check it out. It’s free to join, and you’ll find there’s something on there to suit every fiber need from dabblers to die hards!

OMG! Heart on Kindle Blogs

Apr 26

OMG! Heart on Kindle BlogsI’m on Kindle Blogs! Now you can download my blog right onto your Kindle. It’s a handy way to carry around the free patterns I post on my site anywhere without Internet. Say on vacation relaxing in the sun while knitting your next creation? If you have a Kindle, you’ll most likely already have it on you anyway. So why not use it to tote around some patterns?

Download OMG! Heart on Kindle Blogs right from Amazon just like you would any Kindle book.

Kindle Reader by Amazon, $69

I love the Kindle too! I love to read but it wasn’t until a couple years ago that I finally caved and decided to try a Kindle. It took me awhile to give Kindle a try, mostly because I not only like books, I like real books.

Real books have a sense of character and history. Cover design, book bindings, paper, fonts and layouts, and smell! Especially used books and books my friends lend me. I wonder, who’s read this book before me? Where’s it been? This one’s surely been hanging out pool-side or been a coffee cup coaster at some point in its life. What has it seen? The weary business traveler awaiting his next connection? The grade school wallflower head buried in a book all by his lonesome during recess? Frazzled career woman relaxing in a hut by the beach? The newly imported runway model who goes to my gym? Grandma sitting by the fire with her fave cup of tea? The 30-something curled up in her favorite chair? Prison cell, highway motel…


OMG! Heart Goes To St. Louis

Apr 14

Don's Mufflers - Cherokee Street
Muffler Art at Don’s Mufflers – Cherokee Street – South City

Yup! St. Louis, Missouri. It was my first time in the true Midwest! I’ve been to Chicago, Ann Arbor, even drove through Indiana briefly! But that’s pretty much it. I was excited to get the chance to visit and stay with my friend, Marlene, who had moved out there a couple of years ago to help open a coffee shop. Although I didn’t get to check out the “yarn scene”, the trip is worth a mention because how many people write about their trip to St. Louis? This not so popular travel destination has some quintessential American Culture that makes it really worth visiting. In short, I loved it. Here’s a rundown of all the wonderful places I visited!

Sump Coffee, South CitySump Coffee, South City
This is my friend and her boyfriend’s artisan coffee shop! A short hop from Cherokee Street, they roast and brew their own coffee in-house. The shop had a modern feel, with some industrial undertones, and a hint of steam punk. Open and airy, it featured handcrafted tabletops and is great for bringing a good book, chatting with friends, or surfing the internet.

Latte at Sump Coffee, South CityI’m not much of a coffee drinker (I like tea!!) and thought that this coffee might be too fancy for me. But even I liked the coffee! I had the same “roast” every day, some sort of blonde roast, that had a really complex flavor I couldn’t figure out. The beans were light brown. I had the same roast in both “black” brewed by Marlene and as a latte pulled by Scott! It was delicious! In the back of the shop there is another shop! A bike shop run by their friend Matt also under the same name “Sump” where he offers motorcycle restoration services. Thanks Scott and Marlene!

Moolah Movie Theater, Lounge, and Bowling Alley, Midtown St. LouisMoolah Movie Theater, Lounge, and Bowling Alley, Midtown St. Louis
Not only does this movie theater have a bowling alley too but it also has a full bar! And instead of regular seats, you sit on couches! So you can have a drink while lounging on a comfy couch while watching your movie! We saw Oz, The Great and Powerful in 3D (It was meh but fun)! The theater had an old fashioned atmosphere. Located in an old Masonic building with matching architecture. Think NY City Center here in NYC, just slightly less grand plus decor from “yesteryear” in a way.

Courtesy Diner, Tower GroveCourtesy Diner, Tower Grove
3153 S Kingshighway, St. Louis, MO 63139, (314) 776-9059
This roadside diner had a really great local feel. A place for “regulars” that serves solid honest comfort food. They are famous for their “slingers” which is a dish made of a hamburger patty, hash browns, eggs, chili, cheese, and onions. And other wonderful things like Frito Pie, which I always wanted to try but never have, and tons of pie pies!

Pancake Art by Dan at  Courtesy DinerI loved the food at this greasy spoon so much we went twice. MMMmmm. Everyone from the counter ladies to the short order cook were really friendly. The short-order cook, Dan, made us a pancake shaped like a mushroom! It’s Toad! A Super Mario Bros. mushroom to be exact. Pancake art! I had just the simple bacon and eggs breakfast. I dunno what they do to the bacon, eggs, and hash browns but it’s soooo good. Bacon, eggs, hash brown, and toast about $5.


Pattern: Super Simple Crochet Bows

Apr 06

Super Simple Crochet Bows by Adaiha
Super Simple Crochet Bows by Adaiha in different sizesSuper Simple Crochet Bows by Adaiha

Look at these cute little crochet bows by Adaiha. They remind me of Hello Kitty bows! The pattern is easy and comes with really nice detailed photos too.

She provides step-by-step photos, the pattern, and even a downloadable PDF for your convenience. She’s also been working on a “Granny Square A Day” project since 2011! Her page also includes a list of great resources and books for crocheting granny squares.

Original Pattern by Adaiha – [pdf]

Materials: Worsted Weight Yarn
Crochet Hook: US Size H [5.00mm]
Approximate Size: 2.5” X 1.5”

Make a magic ring.

Ch 5, 3 tr in ring, ch 5, sl st in ring, ch 5, 3tr in ring, ch5, sl st in ring.

Cut yarn leaving a tail at least a few inches long. Weave yarn tail through the first ch stitch at the very beginning and fasten off.

Create the center of the bow by wrapping the two ends under and then back over the bow a few times until satisfied. Create a chain of stitches to wrap around the bow if desired. Fasten off and weave in ends. Done!

Note: Leave an extra long yarn tail and do not trim if attaching the bow onto something else.
Variations: Increase or decrease the (tr) stitches to make the bow fatter or skinnier as seen in Photo #2.
e.g. Substitute “3 tr” for “2 tr” or “4 tr”.

A List of Handmade Marketplaces

Mar 20

Here’s a random list of handmade marketplaces online I’ve been compiling for awhile. Perhaps they will provide artisans some options and/or give shoppers more places to shop!


Mr. Gugu & Miss Go

Jan 29

OMG! Heart these photo-realistic sweaters by Mr. Gugu & Miss Go. It’s not knit but it’s great inspiration. They make t-shirts and leggings too. Soo many wonderful things. Aughghgh. From reading their website, it looks like they’re based in Bielsko-Biala, Poland.

Mr. Gugu & Miss Go Mr. Gugu & Miss Go Mr. Gugu & Miss Go Mr. Gugu & Miss Go Mr. Gugu & Miss Go Mr. Gugu & Miss Go Mr. Gugu & Miss Go Mr. Gugu & Miss Go

Mr. Gugu & Miss Go Mr. Gugu & Miss Go Mr. Gugu & Miss Go

Where To Buy

Pantone Color of the Year 2013

Jan 03

Pantone Color of the Year 2013 - PANTONE 17-5641 EmeraldHappy 2013! Here’s PANTONE Emerald 17-5641, Pantone’s Color of the Year. Last year was a bad year. From Colorado to Sandy Hook; Hurricane Sandy to Typhoon Boha; Syria to Pakistan; Collapsing of countries, governments, societies; Leading many to believe it was indeed the Apocalypse.

But Dec 21, 2012 came and went. The world did not end as predicted by the Mayan Calendar yet it sure seemed like dark days. Making it officially: The. Worst. Apocalypse. Ever. Not so much in magnitude but in substance…

It wasn’t all bad though. The 2012 Elections here in the U.S. rang in another “Four More Years” for President Barack Obama; Fiscal cliffs were averted; The apocalypse did NOT happen; Etc. Etc. So this year’s a new year. And new hope means new beginnings! Verdant, Prosperous, Rejuvenating, Healing, Energizing, Inspiring. Making this year’s Pantone Color of the Year especially fitting.

Earrings Dress Glass Dress

Emerald, a vivid verdant green, enhances our sense of well-being further by inspiring insight as well as promoting balance and harmony.” –

Photos on this Post
Earrings, Zhush
Lights, We Heart It
Glasses, Lives Less Ordinary
Dress, Naeem Khan
See my Pinterest Gallery for more Pantone Emerald!