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The Dark Knit Rises: Knitting Comics!

Aug 31

Worsted for Wear

Worsted for Wear

Love that Batman is knitting!

Happy Labor Day Weekend! It’s the last official weekend of summer. Le sigh. But hopefully these new comics I discovered will keep you in good spirits. CHECK IT OUT!!!

Worsted for Wear, a comic strip created by Rachael and Josh Anderson, does not always feature Batman in his knitting stance! But it does have a lot of knitting anecdotes I can relate to. It’s a nice geeky little slant too with nods to nerdy pop culture from comics, movies, guy knitters, work etc.

Worsted for Wear

I’m not so into Batman personally but love that they’re both featured together. And, of course, love that there’s a comic strip dedicated to knitting and crochet anecdotes.

P.S. I saw Dark Knight Rises and thought it was a really fun action movie, so I gave it an A+ for Action! However, my BF, who is a Batman fanaticus maximus, hated it… Too much side story that deviated too far from original story lines, not enough Batman, and no new cool gadgets for the wow-factor… The Batman purist in him was downright insulted! Ah well. Onward to more knitting comics…

Worsted for Wear

Been there!

Worsted for Wear

Oh, Crochet is not THAT bad!

Worsted for Wear

Yay! “Famous guys” knitting!

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Rachael and Josh will have a new knitting, crochet, or yarn anecdote for you to enjoy! According to her bio, Rachael is “an avid knitter and life-long Batman fan!” who also happens to love to draw and make comics! AWESOME SAUCE!

If interested in more knitting-related comics, check out their website. All their comic strips are posted there. You can Buy a Print through their site too.

Via Worsted for Wear by Rachael and Josh Anderson

Sewing in Afghanistan

Aug 17

Woman and child sewing together. Kyrgyz lands of the Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan. Photo by Cedric Houin - National Geographic Traveler 2012 Photo Contest Winner
Woman and child sewing together in a yurt in the Kyrgyz lands.
Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan.

Above is the winning picture for the National Geographic Traveler – 2012 Photo Contest by Cedric Houin. This captivating photo first drew me in by its strong sense of place. A snap in a moment of time, present day, yet so far away as to seem ancient. Then I noticed the remarkable textiles and cultural garb and then the antique sewing machine. And then best of all – she’s sewing!!! A fellow modern day sewer worlds away in a completely different context yet not so different. Novel!

This image was shot in the Kyrgyz lands of the Wakhan Corridor. The intimacy of this everyday life moment, shot inside of a family yurt, is in total contrast with the harsh environment these nomadic tribes live in. On the right we notice a television and a sound console. These tribes live weeks away from any village by foot. In spite of being located at an altitude of 4,300 meters in one of the most remote areas of Afghanistan they are equipped with solar panels, satellite dishes and cellphones. Ancestral ways of living, with touches of modernity. –Photo and Caption by Cedric Houin

National Geographic contributing photographer Alexandra Avakian, one of this year’s judges, shares her thoughts on the first place winner:

I’ve slept in the guest yurt of Kyrgyz nomads in remote mountains while on assignment for Elle magazine; the location is hard to reach and off the beaten path for most travelers, and therefore of educational as well as aesthetic value.

Morondava , Madagascar. Photo by Ken Thorne
Baobab Trees, Morondava, Madagascar. Photo by Ken Thorne

This year the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest had over 12,000 entries of daily life from 152 countries and the photos are always breathtakingly stunning. From a moment in time at the ends of the earth to extraordinary landscapes, the transportive images are unforgettable. Winners receive awards from trips to prize money and of course get to share a slice of their beautiful culture, land, or just a snapshot of their travels. National Geographic also provides these awesomely beautiful photos in high-resolution wallpapers for your desktop, iphone, or ipad!


2 Knit Skirts in Short Rows!

Aug 12

I was looking for some skirt patterns to try and here are my two faves. I loved the pleats and also wanted to try knitting in the “short rows” or “wrap and turn” technique. I am currently working on the Hey Mickey skirt. Both patterns are free!

Hey Mickey Skirt by Jacquelyn LandryHey Mickey Skirt by Jacquelyn Landry
This is great for a beginner to intermediate knitter. This simple skirt is custom to your measurements. And your yarn choice! Make a gauge swatch with your preferred yarn and needle size. Fill in a few numbers based on the stitches per inch from your swatch, height of skirt, and height of waistband and voila! You can use the same pattern to custom create a skirt for your toddler or yourself!

This skirt is knit pleat by pleat instead of from the top down. So you only change colors after each pleat and can try on the skirt as you go, just wrap around your waist with the pleats going vertical to see if it fits! It’s done when it wraps comfortably around your waist. [pdf]

Full Pattern:

Ashley Skirt by Louet YarnsAshley Skirt by Louet Yarns
This is an intermediate to advanced pattern that’s also a pleat-style skirt that’s very stylish and comes in two looks! It’s a really nice pattern especially considering it’s free! The skirt is done in Louet Euro Flax, a gorgeous linen yarn!

The instructions are hard to decipher at first but it includes a crochet cast on, needle changes, many colors, and a mix of knitting techniques like short rows and picking up stitches. [pdf]

Full Pattern:

“Short Rows” or “Wrap and Turn”
Purl Bee has a lovely simple straight-forward tutorial on how to perform this technique here, Purl Bee Short Row Tutorial. In short, it’s a way to knit extra rows into a piece partway through a row! It’s a great way to do shaping for style and fit in knitting. In this case, it makes a kind of built-in pleat and without much work!

An easy rule of thumb I use is:
1. Always slip the stitch first and always purl-wise
2. Move the yarn to the opposite side of where it is now
3. Do it again. Backwards. Slip the original slipped stitch back to the other needle (where it was before). Move the yarn back to the opposite side again (to where it was before). Done!

You have just wrapped the yarn around that stitch and thus completed a “wrap and turn”. Now turn your work over and continue just like you would a new row! Finish out the row and you have just completed one short row!

OMG! Cute Overload Crochet

Aug 07

Teri Crews DesignsCheck out these totes adorbs crochet amigurumis!! Love how these cute yet classic amigurumis have so much personality. And not unlike the internet meme site Cute Overload in the cuteness department. *scream* Below are some of my faves. Check out Teri Crews Designs for many more lovable designs to discover like Koala, Giraffe, Sloth, Owl, Fox, Panda, Elephant, and Raccoon not seen here.

These heirloom collectibles also have a uniquely American style that I love to see in amigurumis. The classic teddy is just so perfect! And, yes, the Dachshund pattern does include the Hat and Bow-Tie! Also, the patterns knit up to full teddy bear size (not miniature amigurumis) and range from 7-13″ tall.

All patterns by Teri Crews, $4.95

Where To Buy
Teri Crews Designs

Ps. She gets her safety eyes from the same etsy shop I do!
Pps. Teri Crews also shares the same exact name (although slightly different spelling) as one of my fave actors, Terry Crews, of The Expendables and Everybody Hates Chris fame. Funny!

Teri is giving away some free patterns, Cute Little Ghost and Sweet Little Pup! Here’s a great way to try out a couple!

Cute LIttle Ghost by Teri Crews Sweet Little Pup by Teri Crews

42 Fab Free Knits By Rowan

Aug 02

I wanted to knit but didn’t have a project I wanted to do. So I raided Knit Rowan’s free pattern library and found some great stuff!! I was looking for something easy that I could wear now like a skirt… I didn’t find a skirt pattern but these are worth a mention because they’re really nice for free patterns. And in the Intermediate to Advanced skill range too! Usually free patterns are very basic and include things like scarves, hats, baby stuff, or home dec and don’t have the extra details and finishing that sets a basic project apart from more advanced projects. But these are a wide range of apparel with lots of fine details. e.g. Check out the Batwing Jacket and the Box Pleat Cardi! WOW! So YAY Rowan and thanks!

You’ll have to register and create an account in order to view and download these patterns but it’s worth it!

  • Knit Rowan Hooded Baby Poncho
    Hooded Baby Poncho – Devon [pdf]
  • Knit Rowan Tunic
    Tunic – Dusky [pdf]
  • Knit Rowan
    Baby Blanket – Bunny Blanket [pdf]
  • Knit Rowan
    Sleeveless Sweater Fair Isle – Embrace [pdf]
  • Knit Rowan
    Crop Sweater – Beth [pdf]
  • Knit Rowan
    Poncho – Megan [pdf]
  • Knit Rowan
    Balloon Sleeve Crop Sweater – Millet [pdf]
  • Knit Rowan
    Classic Sweater – Couch [pdf]