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Thimble Blossoms Quilt Patterns

Jun 17

Thimble Blossoms Booth at Quilt Market 2012Look at these wall to wall gorgeous quilts by Thimble Blossoms!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

I love the designs, textures, color schemes… And especially the unique modern vintage style of each. It’s quaint and nostalgic but fresh and contemporary. Borderline hipstery, folk hipstery!

And very “decoratable”! The designs are unique yet versatile enough to fit a variety of home decorating and interior styles! Hooray!

Left: Quilts shown Flower Girl, Spool, Dilly Dally, Hopscotch at the Thimble Blossoms booth, Quilt Market 2012.

Thimble Blossoms is designed by Camille Roskelley who is a 5th generation quilter. I discovered her mom’s a quilt designer too and I can see where Thimble Blossoms got their design chops! I also love her fabric range that she designs with her mother, Bonnie, for Moda! (Love Moda!) Here are just a few of my fave quilt patterns from both Thimble Blossoms and Cotton Way, Camille’s mom’s pattern designs.

#142 Swoon by Thimble Blossoms #152 Dilly Dally by Thimble Blossoms #149 Hopscotch by Thimble Blossoms

Swoon, Dilly Dally, & Hopscotch
Quilt Pattern Designs by Camille Roskelley
All patterns $7.95

Sweet Pea by Cotton Way Peppermint Pizzaz by Cotton Way Sherbet Stars by Cotton Way

Sweet Pea, Peppermint Pizzaz, & Sherbet Stars
Quilt Pattern Designs by Bonnie Olaveson
All patterns $9.00

Simplify Quilt Patterns by Camille RoskelleyCamille also has a cute quilt pattern book out! I checked it out on Amazon and it has a lot of quilting basics and tips and tricks for quilting! It includes patterns for quilts and pillows and according to the reviews is great for beginner quilters! It uses pre-cut fabric packs like jelly rolls etc which takes a lot of the cutting out from the quilting process.

Book $15.85

Where To Buy
Thimble Blossoms Shop
Cotton Way Shop
Bonnie & Camille’s Fabric @ Fat Quarter Shop
Book by Camille Roskelley on Amazon Simplify: Quilts for the Modern Home

Swoon Quilt Pattern by Camille Roskelley Spools Quilt Pattern by Camille Roskelley
Swoon” and “Spools“, my two fave patterns!

YarnPop & GoKnit Bags!!

Jun 11

YarnPop and GoKnit Bags
Left: YarnPop Pouch ~ Right: GoKnit Bag

OMG! Heart these. Just discovered these handy little accessories for knitting and crochet! I always drag some crochet or knitting with me wherever since I commute on the train to work and I always just throw my knitting into the smallest plastic bag I can find. I also always find that I need a yarn ball container/bag when working at home because it keeps the yarn from rolling around but never quite found one I wanted. Until now! I found both of these at Lion Brand Yarn Studio. The only major con I see is they’re both on the pricey side. Crafters on a budget can easily poke 2 holes in a bag or something to come up with a similar, albeit less durable, solution. For more avid crafters, it can be well worth the splurge!

GoKnit Bags - Outside  GoKnit Bags - Inside Loop Closed  GoKnit Bags - Inside Loop Opened

GoKnit Bags $26
I’ve been carrying around my travel/commuter knit and crochet projects in plastic bags! Great in a pinch but if you do it a lot, you’ll find your needles poke thru, the bags tear, and of course it’s unsightly. So when I saw these simple yet durable looking bags, it was the perfect solution! Super lightweight, durable, easy to keep clean, and can ball up into nothing when not in use. I also love that there are many loops and drawstrings so you can attach to whatever you desire.

It’s simply a drawstring bag that has 2 snap close loops. One on the inside (to feed your yarn through) and one on the outside to attach to a purse or bag! Plus, you can swap out projects whenever you want. You can snap open the inside loop to pull the yarn through without having to cut it, so projects already in progress can be removed and replaced whenever you like. Awesome. These bags are offered in a variety of materials. I got the Nylon Medium in Bright Yellow.

Where To Buy: GoKnit Pouches by

YarnPop Pouches $29
This is a handy yarn pouch with two little holes for pulling yarn though. Fabulous for keeping balls and skeins from rolling around everywhere, yarn from tangling, and getting dirty. And it’s a lot less bulky and lighter than most yarn holders. A small con is you cannot use this pouch for projects you’ve already started without cutting the yarn, pulling it through the holes, and then rejoining.

The pouch I got has 2 holes on one side so I could use it to carry 2 different yarn colors! It also comes in other varieties, one pouch has a hole on each side with an additional inside zip to separate your yarn balls. They have so many different variations. Check out their site for the one that best suits you! I got the Large with 2 holes on the same side.

Where To Buy: YarnPop Pouches

International Yarn Bombing Day 2012

Jun 09

Sydney, Australia - Yarn Bombing
Yarn covered stairs for International Yarn Bombing Day, Sydney, Australia (CC by JAM Project) – From

Jun, 9th, 2012 – Today is the 2nd Annual International Yarn Bombing Day ever! That’s right, although yarn bombing has been around for awhile, a day to celebrate it (worldwide) only started last year! I remember when the first yarn bombing day came around last year and I’d never heard of it. Only to discover that it was just created and by accident! The event, created by Canadian yarn bomber Joann Matvichuk, was conceived as a way to unite guerrilla knitters and crocheters the world over. Read more about IYBD and Joann at the below links!

Instagram has a featured page all about International Yarn Bombing Day!. You can also search Instagram using hashtag #yarnbombing to see a treasure trove of yarn bombing pics from around the globe.

International Yarn Bombing Day as featured on Instagram
Yarn bombing pics from around the world – From Instagram


OMG! Heart goes to Stitch N’ Pitch 2012

Jun 08

Craigston Yip III Esq. @ The Mets at Citi Field for Stitch n Pitch 2012, At The Mets! No, that’s not me! But on Sun, June 3, just days after Johan Santana pitched the first no-hitter game in Mets History on June 1, 2012, I went to my first Mets Game in a long time!

The Mets are my hometown team and it was a very special night. Not only were we sitting in a giant section of furiously knitting (and some crocheting) Mets fans who were there for the Stitch N’ Pitch but The Mets had a special ceremony to induct one of their own into the Baseball Hall of Fame! It was so much fun even though we were literally sitting out in Left Field in the nosebleeds.

I forgot to bring my camera (duh!) and didn’t take pics (boo!). So the pic on the left was the best I could do! But it was so cool (and kinda wacky) to see a whole section of knitters and crocheters at the game.

<== Craigston Yip III, Esq. w. The Mets Ceramic Pig
Mets vs. Cardinals ~ Citi Field ~ Jun, 3, 2012


GAME! Mets vs. St. Louis Cardinals, Mets win 6-1! Let’s Go Mets!! The game was almost a shut out until the Cardinals eeked out a run.

HISTORY! John Franco, Pitcher, was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame at this very game. The Brooklyn-born NYC native gave a very moving and humble speech. He was known for wearing an orange shirt over his uniform to commemorate his father who was a NYC sanitation worker. We liked the guy! Daryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden were there too!!

IRONIC! Carlos Beltran was playing too. But for the Cardinals! BOOO. He used to play for the NY Mets for a long time!

FUNNY! Scott Stapp sang “God Bless America” at the 7th Inning Stretch (He sings really weird!) and we got to see Mr. Met too!

FOOD! Oh boy! Citi Field had awesome food choices like Shake Shack and lobster rolls. But we ended up eating standard fare like a hot dog (which we shared), cheeseburger, chicken fingers, onion rings, french fries, and of course a soda!

FREE! We all got free collectible commemoration hats for the event!

Citi Field was a really great experience. I grew up with The Mets and Shea Stadium was an institution in Queens. So I wasn’t very happy when it was bought by Citibank and turned it into Citi Field. It used to be all blue with giant neon baseball players on the outside that you could see from the highway or on the 7 Train at night. However, we had so much fun exploring it, the different shops and gourmet eateries, and its beautiful architecture. Well planned out, spacious, lots of fun memorabilia and history to see. I liked it.

Stitch n Pitch @ The Mets! Photo courtesy of Marc S. Levine - New York Mets
Photo from Crochet Insider, Photo by Marc S. Levine

Grandmother’s Pattern Book

Jun 02

OMG! Heart this website, Grandmother’s Pattern Book! It’s kind of a weird looking site but it’s chock full of mostly free Crochet and Knit Patterns from across the web. Lots of vintage and unusual patterns. From amigurumis to accessories to apparel. Frogs and Toads to Skorts and Skirts! It links out to many great pattern websites too so it’s a good way to discover new sites! Here are some highlights below.

Patio Pants Set Crochet Pants Set
Patio Pants Set and Eyelet Pants Set


Etsy or Regretsy? Not So Handmade Markets!

Jun 02

Robot Time Square
Robots in Times Square also sold on Etsy from

When Etsy first hit the scene circa 2005 or so, I remember where I was, what I was doing, and who I was talking to about it. Melodramatic, yes, but it was a big deal for me back then (as a tech professional, indie shopper, and crafter) and quite the nifty concept. An online market with a focus on handmade, quality handmades. What set it apart for me was that it not only gave everyone access to local handmades but it in turn gave handicrafts and handmades a better reputation. It wasn’t that long ago that the majority of handmades had a bad connotation for being shoddy and unskilled. You’d have to wade through so much bad to get to one decent, it just wasn’t worth it. It used to be only those in the creative or artist communities knew where to look for and how to spot the truly exquisite things.

To put it ironically, Etsy brought handmades to the mass market! It blew up into what it is today, a widely popular online shop where independent crafters can easily sell their wares. Simply register and start posting up your stuff. Fees, if any, were nominal. No need to set up shopping carts or payment systems. Or know much about webpages and websites. It was easy and accessible. It was a DIY business for DIY crafts that gave you access to a wide global audience.

For shoppers, it was a hub to find wonderful new artists and their fresh wares connecting an average shopper to an artisanal community they may not have found if not for Etsy. It brought say Brooklyn local to the web. You no longer had to live or shop in Brooklyn to get a taste of the wares it had to offer. It gave shoppers from all over the world the opportunity to shop similar experiences and at much more affordable prices too since the cost of setting up shop was low.

It grew so popular that Etsy Labs, a subsequent Etsy Craft School of sorts, and its collab with 3rd Ward emerged and echoed its dedication towards handmades. Etsy brought the handmade market to the forefront on the internet for many crafters and helped ring in a new era for handmades and DIY.

So, what happened?

These days Etsy is far from strictly handmades and independent artisans. It’s overrun with resellers who claim their item is handmade when it blatantly does not look handmade and can be bought in bulk from wholesaler websites! Or is ripped off from another website and passed off as their own work. It’s now a free for all marketplace not much different than Ebay. Except worse. It runs under the guise of being a handmade marketplace. Whereas Ebay makes no secret that it’s an open free for all marketplace period.

Even worse, Etsy censors comments and feedback that “call out” a shop owner who tries to pass off someone else’s work as their own personal work! That shop remains up and running, passing off those same goods, while the commentor is either banned or kicked off.

Someone’s pulling the old “switcheroo” as they say.

Etsy not only claims to be a handmades-only marketplace but a patron of sorts for the handmade arts. Yet we see examples like the above. To me as a consumer, it’s all misleading. Kind of like someone trying to pass off gold-plated for solid gold.

To artisan crafters and shop owners, it under cuts their sales and bottom line. Who can compete with mass-made items being sold for a fraction of the cost? I, as a consumer, may think why pay more for that handmade when this handmade is cheaper? It’s also sleazy to pose as an artisan when you are clearly not.

In the end, it’s just plain wrong for a shop/owner to make false claims whether it be about it being handcrafted or eco-friendly. And it’s doubly wrong for Etsy to allow it especially if they are well aware of it. And let’s face it, if there’s nothing genuine about the handmades themselves or the marketplace that features them, then where is the value in that? (more…)