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Pattern: Asia Crossover Jacket

May 30

I found this lovely free pattern while browsing ConnieLene Knits! I like the classic yet contemporary style of this jacket. It can suit a variety of styles and looks. I can see it on anyone from me to my mom or perhaps it can even be unisex depending on the look. Versatile! ConnieLene was nice enough to share some more detailed photos (as seen in this post) of her completed jacket and some history about the piece! It was included in an exhibition in Auckland, NZ, 2007. Her design and the full pattern can be found below!

I like the pattern itself because it is knitted all in one piece, from the left cuff to the right cuff. So there’s only 2 seams to stitch together! It’s a great “stash buster” too since you can use up some lovely yarn from your yarn stash that may not be enough for a whole project but may be great for a few rows in this project! Choose as many or as little color/yarn variations as you like. It’s up to you!

FUN FACT: During the exhibition ConnieLene, who is based in New Zealand, met Nicky Epstein as well as one of the world’s fastest knitters, Miriam Tegels! Here’s her funny post all about it. Also, see video of Miriam, the 2006 Guinness World Record Holder for Fastest Knitter, knitting in action in my Need for Speed posting!

Worsted Weight/Medium Weight Category 4 yarn in 6 Colors.
Color 1 300gm (variegated blue/turquoise/maroon)
Color 2 50gm (grey)
Color 3 50gm (turquoise)
Color 4 50gm (variegated maroon)
Color 5 50gm (blue)
Color 6 50gm (solid maroon)
Stitch Holder

US Size 9 [5.50mm] Needles, 2 Pairs
US Size I [5.50mm] Crochet Hook

One Size Fits All (55cm Across the Back)

Skill Level: Intermediate

12st x 19 rows for 10cm

Stitch Legend:
SS – Stockinette Stitch – Knit one row, Purl one row
GS – Garter Stitch – Knit 2 rows, or knit every row

The full pattern is available for free from Connielene Knits. It is also available in [pdf].
*Follow colour change sequence at the same time inc 1 st each side from Row 20 from cast on. (more…)

21 Free Quilt Patterns Spring 2012

May 19

Every single quilt pattern below is FREE from Art Gallery Fabrics. And is just a few of many other free quilt patterns they have. The skill level varies greatly but the patterns aren’t really marked. So if you’re a beginner quilter, try gauging how difficult a pattern is by looking at the intricacy of the pattern. Does it contain a lot of complex shapes? How many different shape variations are contained in the one quilt? Some easy ones are “Dream of a Garden” and “Posh Flowers”.

Art Gallery Fabrics - Alhambra Quilt Art Gallery Fabrics - Quiltology Quilt Art Gallery Fabrics - Sanctuary Quilt Art Gallery Fabrics - Jewels Blue Quilt Art Gallery Fabrics - Kaleidoscopic Quilt Art Gallery Fabrics - Love Freedom Quilt


Pattern: Crochet Butterflies

May 14

OMG! Heart these crochet butterflies!!! The full patterns are free from They also have a whole page of lovely crochet flowers!

Crochet Butterfly 7003 Crochet Butterfly 7002 Crochet Butterfly 7005 Crochet Butterfly 7006 Crochet Butterfly 7001 Crochet Butterfly 7004


Pattern: Saddle Bag

May 09

Saddle Bag Pattern by Pat BravoThis pattern is available for FREE from Art Gallery Fabrics. I found it while browsing all their lovely fabrics. It’s a really cute bag and the pattern is pretty simple! Available for download in PDF format, the pattern includes easy to follow illustrated instructions and real size templates that you can use to cut your pattern out.

Art Gallery Fabrics

Saddle Bag Pattern by Pat Bravo
Finished Size: 9.5″ x 6.5” not including straps

They also have a whole page of other really cute free sewing patterns that they designed! And also a ton of FREE QUILT PATTERNS that are really good ones! Post about free quilting patterns from Art Gallery Fabrics coming soon.

Switch out the above fabric combination for something more subtle and versatile. Perhaps try a corduroy.

I plan to make this bag out of denim! I have a lot of old denim sitting around that I’ll probably never wear (or fit in) again! Le sigh. So in an effort to make lemonade out of a sour situation I plan to re-purpose that denim for pieces to make this bag. Possibly in a patchwork denim style. The strap will definitely include patches of different kinds of denim. Perhaps the body of the bag too. Great for odd shaped pieces too. Stitch those together free-form quilt-style to make a larger piece of fabric to work with. Then use this fabric to cut the pattern out as is to form some great irregular designs!

If using a heavy weight fabric like denim, skip the interfacing and just follow the directions as is.

Recycle your old clothing, linens, scrap materials etc. This is the perfect project for it. It doesn’t need large swaths of fabric, so it can be a great way to make use of scrap fabric.

I also like this pattern because I wanted to make a toddler or baby purse and was hoping to translate the pattern to a smaller scale for a cute little girlie purse! Or perhaps enlarge the pattern for a larger adult messenger-style purse.

Pattern: Boyfriend Hat

May 07

Boyfriend Hat - Rib View

This knit hat is reversible! And both sides have a lovely texture depending on the look you want to achieve. It’s soft and cozy but is chunky and has body, so there is no drape or slouch in this hat. Knits up quick (takes about 1 evening!) and is super simple. Perfect for a quick last minute gift. Super Bulky Weight yarn FTW!

Boyfriend Hat - Rib Close-up Boyfriend Hat - Reverse Rib Close-up Boyfriend Hat - Changing Needles

1.25 Ball Lion Brand Yarn Hometown USA, Color #303 Cambridge Tweed, Super Bulky Weight, 94% Acrylic 6% Rayon, 64 yards, $5.29
Jumbo Stitch Markers, Crochet Hook or Darning Needle

US 11 [8.00mm] in 16″ Circular Knitting Needles
US 11 [8.00mm] Double Pointed Knitting Needles
Crochet Hook Size N [9.00mm] (Optional)

12.5 inches (W) x 14 inches (H)
Circumference: 22 inches

12 stitches per 4″
12 rows per 4″
(in K1, P2 Rib)

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner

Cast on 42 sts
Rounds 1-20: [K1, P2] until end of round.
Or until hat measures about 6.5 inches tall.

Crown/Decrease Rows: (Do all decreases purl-wise)
Row 1: {K1, P2, K1, P2, K1, dec, K1, P2, K1, P2, K1, P2, K1, dec}. Repeat {…} once.
Row 2: {K1, P2, K1, P2, dec, K1, P2, K1, P2, K1, P2, dec}. Repeat {…} once.
Row 3: {K1, P2, K1, P1, dec, K1, P2, K1, P2, K1, dec, P1}. Repeat {…} once.
Row 4: {K1, P2, K1, dec, K1, P2, K1, P2, K1, dec}. Repeat {…} once.
Row 5: {K1, P2, dec, K1, P2, K1, P2, dec}. Repeat {…} once.
Row 6: {K1, P1, dec, K1, P2, K1, dec, P1}. Repeat {…} once.
Row 7: {K1, dec, K1, P2, K1, dec}. Repeat {…} once.
Row 8: {dec, K1, P2, dec}. Repeat {…} once.
Row 9: Dec 4
2.5 inches tall

Finish :
Break yarn. Thread through remaining loops. Cinch and fasten off. Weave in ends.

Optional Edging:
Crochet Hook N [9.00mm]
Turn hat inside out.
Single Crochet all the way around edge or brim of hat into the front loops of the cast on stitches. 1 round.
Bind off. Weave in ends. Voila!

Boyfriend Hat - Rib View

The hat shape wasn’t right. The fit/style was really pointy giving it a gnome-ish shape. Kind of like a garden gnome (Steve Zissou) style hat.

Next time I may change the decrease rows slightly. I would add a knit row between every decrease round to give it a more graceful decrease. I would also remove the last decrease row and end the hat at Decrease Row 8.

This hat can be folded up for a snugger fit. Simply fold up the brim and pull all the way down for a cat burglar hat type fit.

This hat is knitted in the round from the brim up to the crown.

Sizing: This hat was measured flat right before wearing. The hat will stretch both in the width and the height.

Some other “Boyfriend Hat” patterns I found while googling with 2 very different looks:

Quilted Lion Hat
By Stephanie Nicole
I like the decreases in this hat as well although a very different style than the right. She gives away the pattern for free on Ravelry!

Boyfriend Hat by Bleu Arts Boyfriend Hat by Bleu Arts Boyfriend Hat by Bleu Arts
By Bleu Arts
Love this beautifully designed and knitted hat. The brim detail and simple refined decreases in the crown combined with the yarn and gauge give it an elegant yet casual style. She uses Cascade 220, one of my fave yarns! Knits up beautifully and is very affordable. She did a whole “Boyfriend Hat” series and the patterns are for sale on her Etsy! $6.95

OMG! Heart Wunderknit

May 06


A giant pin-board of knit and crochet from heaven! Before there was Pinterest! I don’t know who Wunderknit is but they ROCK!! It’s a great collection of knit and crochet designs. Possibly for their own designing inspiration and aspirations! I did a quick check on Pinterest for Wunderknit and Voila! Perhaps this is Wunderknit on Pinterest?!


OMG! Heart Patterns: Testing & Verification

May 05

OMG! Heart learning Free Motion Quilting & Embroidery from Nina PaleyWelcome to my site! I rely heavily on free patterns I find throughout the web… And on my own patterns that I draft myself. My site includes all of them, for free! But this also means that my patterns are not professionally tested by test knitters or crocheters.

Accuracy, Clarity, & Readability
Giving away patterns for free is a tough thing to do. When I knit or crochet a project I design, simply writing down what I do isn’t enough. It could have typos or vague instructions, non-standard techniques or terms etc.

All patterns require test knitters and test crocheters to verify that the instructions are clear and the patterns are accurate. They also require expert crafters who are also experienced in pattern drafting.

So even though my patterns are free, they require the same rigorous checks as paid patterns. Even paid patterns are not always clear of errors! It’s a lot of work which is why most good patterns are not free!

Free OMG! Heart Patterns
But fear not, even though I’m not a professional designer with formal testers, I try my best to minimize errors. Free OMG! Heart Patterns usually range from Easy to Advanced Beginner with the occasional Easy Intermediate. It’s partially why I can give them away for free. The patterns are almost patternless and free from complex calculations and fit/sizing requirements. They’re still great as learning patterns but it means they don’t require as rigorous validation. Nevertheless, I still do test my own patterns and do my best to ensure accuracy and readability in all the patterns I give away!

Free Patterns I Find Online
Free patterns I find online that are shared here on my website are also tested by me. When I follow the pattern to make a project, I act as a test knitter or crocheter! So if you see a free pattern that I have made and featured on this website, it’s been tested by me. If there are any errors or inconsistencies I include them in the Notes Section of my post!

Crowd Testing or Cloud Testing!
Community Pattern Testing! The crafting community can serve as the best test knitters or test crocheters out there. You can be a test knitter or a test crocheter too! Simply by doing a project you like and sharing your thoughts and opinions. If there is an error, inconsistency, or a pattern detail that is unclear, then please share your feedback! Just enter them in the Comments Section found on any pattern page or Email Me! You can keep free (beautiful) patterns, free, just by giving your feedback, suggestions, critiques, or raves!

Ravelry does a great job of this. All the patterns they have on their site show ratings and accuracy feedback from members who have made the pattern. This in turn gives great info on how reliable, easy/hard the pattern is, and even corrections right in the feedback! In fact, everything they do is great, it’s a knitter and crocheter’s best friend! Not all my patterns are on my Ravelry yet, but I am working on posting them up there.

My Singer Fashion Mate 7256

May 04

Singer Fashion Mate 7256

I have two sewing machines now! Here’s my new Singer Fashion Mate 7256 !! It’s my first modern sewing machine and will be my main machine for as many years of sewing as I can squeeze out of it. As the name suggest this machine is great for Dressmaking or Fashion Sewing. Which is just what I needed. My vintage Singer Treadle 66 was a great starter machine at $25 (and ideal for Quilting given the flat bed is flush to the table) but was cumbersome for most of my other projects which are mainly clothing and accessories.

I’d been looking for a machine for awhile and just couldn’t commit to one. So instead my darling BF did it for me! :) I got this for Christmas last year. He picked it out all by himself and surprised me. The Best! (Rygo is getting a run for his money!) And it turned out to be just the perfect machine for me to graduate to. It has everything and more a budding home sewer needs from fashion sewing to quilting to home/dec sewing. And it’s well under $200!

Best of all, I get to sew all my future projects on a machine that was carefully selected by my darling BF! Who knew nothing about sewing or machines lol! He spent a lot of time researching though, looking for the best value (which I like!) that suited my needs, and last but not least “one that had lots of decorative stitches”! He personally likes colorful decorative stitches like embroidery, monograms, embellishment stitches etc. Too cute! It’s just perfect! ❤ ❤ ❤

Singer Fashion Mate 7256

Compact Yet Packed with Features
I went from doing everything manually on my old machine to a machine with 70 stitches that’s packed with features where everything is automatic! Little things like removable bed, Back Stitch, and Zig Zag Stitch are all luxuries for me so I love that. But this machine also has fully automated button hole maker, automatic threader, and an automatic tension setter! All this in a compact frame so it’s great for small apartments.

Learn and Grow
Start with whatever you’d like to learn. Your first A-line skirt, a pair of paints or shorts, a dress, a top, a tote bag! Or if you’d like to try your first quilt or make some curtains to spruce up your apartment. So it’s great for an adult beginner sewer or hobbyist sewer.

Quiet and Speedy
Compared to my old sewing machine it’s whisper quiet and really fast! My vintage Singer Treadle 66 can be really loud (and louder at full speed) and it’s fastest speed, compared to modern sewing machines, is slow!

Built To Last
This sewing machine features an all metal frame underneath its plastic compact shell. So it’s a great full-sized machine that fits in small spaces that will also ensure many years of happy sewing to come. It comes with a 25 Year Limited Warranty too.

Great Value at Under $200
It costs $160! Well under $200.

Singer Fashion Mate 7256

70 Stitch Electronic Sewing Machine
6 Fully Automatic One-Step Buttonholes
8 Basic Stitches
8 Stretch Stitches
48 Decorative Stitches
Needles: 2020 & 2045
Bobbin Class: 15J
Light Bulb: LED
14.5 x 7.5 x 12 inches

Price: $159.99
Product Manual: Singer Fashion Mate 7256
Read all about the Singer Fashion Mate 7256 on the Singer Co. website.


Pantone Color of the Year 2012

May 04

Pantone Tangerine TangoIt’s Tangerine Tango!! PANTONE Tangerine Tango 17-1463 to be exact.

If you have a project featuring Tangerine Tango send it over to Pantone! They will include it in their 2012 COLOR OF THE YEAR photo album.

Guidelines: The photo must be taken by you, and by sending it you authorize non-exclusive use of it on Facebook and on the Pantone Blog. Please include a name you wish to be used as a photo credit; plus you may include one link to your website or online photo gallery. There are two ways to send a photo: 1) Post a link to it their comment box; or 2) Email it to with the words “Tangerine Tango” in the subject line.

Pantone Tangerine Tango Pantone Tangerine Tango Pantone Tangerine Tango Pantone Tangerine Tango