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9 Famous Sweaters

Jan 16

9 Famous Sweaters
9 American Iconic Sweaters

via Poorly Dressed

Pattern: Baby Hat

Jan 10

Crochet Baby Hat

Baby Hat - Working on the crown Baby Hat - Almost done Baby Hat - Underside Baby Hat - View from top

1 Skein Red Heart Super Saver Yarn, Aran Fleck #4313
96% acrylic/4% other fibers, Worsted Weight, 260 yards, $3.99
Locking Stitch Marker

Crochet Hook: Size I-9 [5.75mm]

I sent this off before taking measurements but it measures
about 6 inches across from brim to brim.

Skill Level: Easy Beginner

Begin: Chain 2, slip st to join
Round 1: Sc 3
Round 2: Sc 4
Round 3: Inc in every st, sl st to join (8 sts)
Round 4: [Sc, inc] repeat [ ... ] until end of round
Round 5: [Sc, inc] repeat [ ... ] until end of round
Round 6: [Sc 2, inc] repeat [ ... ] until end of round
Round 7: [Sc 3, inc] repeat [ ... ] until end of round
Round 8: [Sc 4, inc] repeat [ ... ] until end of round
Round 9: [Sc 5, inc] repeat [ ... ] until end of round
Round 10: [Sc 6, inc] repeat [ ... ] until end of round
Round 11: [Sc 7, inc] repeat [ ... ] until end of round
Round 12: [Sc 8, inc] repeat [ ... ] until end of round
Round 13 – 27: Sc until end of round

Fasten off. Weave in ends.

I made this white tweed baby hat to go with the Baby Cardigan I made for my friend’s new baby! Quick and simple hat that is cute and versatile. Probably 2-3 hours total time to finish. The hat can be rolled down to fit a bigger sized head as baby grows. A bonus is it’s entirely machine washable and dryable. So baby can go nuts with the playing and mom doesn’t have to worry about anything getting ruined!

This hat is crocheted from the crown on down to the brim. So it’s very easy to customize the height of your hat. Just try it on as you go!

I wanted to add some pompoms to to the top and some earflaps but did not have time. I also wanted to add an applique duckling or heart in felt but did not have time.

Place stitch marker at last stitch of every round to mark as this piece is crocheted in the round!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Jan 09

Ugly Christmas Sweaters - Cosby Ugly Christmas Sweaters - Gifts Ugly Christmas Sweaters - Reindeer Ugly Christmas Sweaters - Santas Ugly Christmas Sweaters - Ski Sweaters Ugly Christmas Sweaters - Snowflakes Ugly Christmas Sweaters - Snowmen Ugly Christmas Sweaters - Xmas Trees Ugly Christmas Sweaters - Bear

Not just for Christmas but for fun inspiration for all year round! Rusty Zipper Vintage Clothing has a nice collection of vintage sweaters that are totally handy for inspiration for some knitting techniques I’d like to try. Vintage Ski Sweaters, 80′s Cosby Sweaters, Ugly Christmas Sweaters by Subject like Snowflake, Reindeer, Gingerbread, Snowman, Christmas Tree, Cats, Bears, Dogs etc. It’s a sunken treasure ship of a sweater website!

They’re actually for sale and include other novelty sweaters like light-up and beaded sweaters. The also carry all manner of vintage clothing categorized by era, style, trend etc.


Handmade Ryan Gosling

Jan 03

Handmade Ryan Gosling Handmade Ryan Gosling

Happy New Year! 2012 is here. Elections are coming up (Obama sweaters here I come!), possible apocalypse (12/21/2012), maybe we’ll get some aliens invading the earth (YAY!) … Who knows? It’s also a leap year so we get an extra day before the earth implodes on apocalypse day! I look forward to the unknown. In the meantime, here’s some happy fun to start it off!

Here’s some of my faves from a website I died over this past weekend. I had to make a post about

It’s Rygo + Crafting Anecdotes + “Dreamy Boyfriend” = Tumblr blog hilarity. What makes it extra funny? I’m not a huge Ryan Gosling fan, he tries too hard to be dreamy and it just turns out douchey IMHO. (Sorry Rygo fans!) So it’s just too perfect that this Tumblr has Rygo looking like a craftie’s dreamboat boyfriend but somehow only makes him look extra corny! Oh the irony! HEART IT!! With extra Roflcopters and Lollerskates!

As my friend pointed out, I think it’s a take on this website Another meme website involving random Ryan Gosling pics from google image search but with Tech anecdotes instead! Google Image Search + Photoshop = YAY! The world needs moar crafting memes!

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