KnitMap! Find Your Local Yarn Shop

May 19

KnitMap! Find your local yarn shop

I recently discovered KnitMap!. Find your local yarn shop by simply typing in your Zip Code!! I tried it with my zip code and it is really comprehensive. It’s aim is to provide a searchable directory of local yarn shops neatly mapped out on Google Maps from all over the world. Just type in a city, state, country whatever! You can also rate and review! Complete with store hours, directions, and contact information.

Ever away on vacation or just travelling a different city/country and looking to pop into a local yarn shop ? I do. So if you’re crazy about yarn, this directory is especially handy dandy.

It’s also especially handy for when you’re running around town looking for a special tool or shopping for a specific yarn/fiber for your next wonder design and need to raid EVERY LYS you can find.

Put your yarn store on the map too by adding it to KnitMap. Help us find your store!

Update, June 11, 2011: Dude, Where’s My Yarn is also an online directory I found recently. Not as slick nor as comprehensive as KnitMap but it could be a great supporting resource! A fun tidbit I noticed was that New York had the highest number of yarn stores per state listed, 80! With Pennsylvania in 2nd place with 76! Yes, New York could quite possibly have the most yarn stores per state in the country! Since it is user driven it’s not really clear if that’s actually accurate. It may just be that some states are not as internet saavy or have yet to find the site to post their store but you get the idea! Neat!

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3 Responses to “KnitMap! Find Your Local Yarn Shop”

  1. Alice says:

    Sent in by Thomas:

    “It would great if there was a app for knitmaps .. It would make life so much fun and easier.”
    Thanks, Thomas

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