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We Got One!!! For Crochet

Mar 21

As Janine from Ghostbusters would say! Check out these Crochet Critters below!

As part of my National Crochet Month post, I was looking for an unsuspecting victim to try Crochet (my fave of the knitting arts) for the first time. And I managed to get one of my BFFs to come over and try it for the first time. Heart him forever! I couldn’t believe it considering I didn’t think he’d be the type at all. Plus it would take a lot of work. Instead he said “I’ll do it!” (lol) and even knew exactly what he wanted to make. Here’s what he did!

Crochet Critters by The Mad Scientist and OMG! Heart
Crochet Critters by The Mad Scientist and OMG! Heart

He wanted to make the Crochet Critters featured in my previous post for some kid presents! How cute is that!? Scream! A very ambitious project for someone who’s never tried Crochet before. I didn’t get the chance to form a semi-decent plan before it all went down but we just winged it and it turned out great! All started and completed in two nights.

The first night was an intro into the bare essentials – Base Chaining and Single Crochet. It was also to feel out if he’d actually like it and hopefully to try and make it fun. There was a lot to get acquainted with but he picked it right up. Too cute! And decided to do his first project right away. So the second night we had to get serious to even get close to having him finish one up. We moved right on to Circular Crochet, Magic Rings, Patterns, Stitchmarking, Slipstitching, Whipstitching, Clean Fasten-off and more. Beast! The Crochet Critter in Red is the one he completed. I did the head (tan part) and helped with the face but that’s it. Dominate!

Crochet Critters in Winter Colors or The Last Remnants of Winter Crochet Critters in Winter Colors or The Last Remnants of Winter Crochet Critters in Winter Colors or The Last Remnants of Winter


Knit, Sew, & Crochet Class Mania

Mar 19

Spring is here! It was 74 gorgeous degrees outside yesterday in NYC! Nothing like nice weather to chase away the winter blues (and all the seriously heavy stuff going on in the world right now). So I’m ready for Summer. I’ve been dreaming up some fun ideas to get into gear and decided to celebrate by taking some Knitting classes. I’ve so far only been interested in classes for Sewing. I’ve never taken a formal course in Knitting or Crochet before. So this time around I decided to try some out. Perhaps those who prefer to try Knitting or Crochet for the first time with a class can find this list helpful too! I’ll be trying 4 classes this Spring. 3 Knitting, 1 Sewing. From Lion Brand Yarn Studio, Purl Soho, and Sew Fast Sew Easy. With a special mention to 3rd Ward and Etsy Labs. I’m super excited! Read on for full details!

Toe Up Socks by Melissa Morgan Oakes

Lion Brand Yarn Studio
The above book by Melissa Morgan Oakes is one of the classes I’ll be trying here. LBY Studio has a wealth of Knitting and Crochet classes for everyone from the beginner beginner to the rabid fanatic. Beginning Crochet or Knitting, Crochet or Knitting Brush-Up courses for those who just need a refresher, Toe-Up Socks, Top Down Knitting, Tunisian Crochet and many more wonderful courses. I saw quite a few I’d like to take. But I settled on two to start. Toe Up Socks 1 session. 7 hours! $95. And Top Down Knitting. 3 sessions. 2 hours each. $75! They often have wonderful special classes and events by anyone from Nicky Epstein – if you knit it’s likely you either own or have come across one of her books before. I personally own Knitting on Top of the World and Crocheting on the Edge. To Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed. And many more. The only drawback so far is that you must choose a Lion Brand Yarn for your project. I didn’t love that but don’t mind it too much yet. Not too bad considering it’s easier to cover more ground if everyone works with standard materials. It’s also a common practice for most classes. But you will get 10% off all yarns and supplies you purchase if you’re taking a class.


It’s National Crochet Month!

Mar 09

Project in Progress: Amigurumi Crochet Critters
Project in Progress: Amigurumi Crochet Critters

And Women’s History Month! Together! Girl Party! But more about that later. Yes. March is National Crochet Month here in America. How will you be sharing your love of Crochet?

To celebrate I will be doing 2 things: #1 Finishing the crochet PIP shown. It’s been kicking around for about 983,274 months. Or die trying. #2 Picking (or forcing) one lucky friend to learn to Crochet! Mwahaha. Anyone? Anyone? Buehler? Also, if you’re already an avid knitter and would like to try Crochet, Amigurumis are the perfect project. They’re small bite sized projects with all the necessary basics rolled up into one. A great way to see if it’s for you. I think you’ll find that you’ll pick it up in no time. Check out my library of Free Crochet Patterns for some ideas! Happy Crocheting!

Project in Progress: Crochet Critters
More Amigurumi Crochet Critters

The Crochet Guild of America has a nice page about it with some great ideas. Crochet Today also has some lovely ideas about what you can do to celebrate. My favorite ideas:

*Teach someone to Crochet. Bonus – You could pick up a new crafting buddy!

*What’s your favorite Crochet Book? Mine is this free ebook from Red Heart – Crochet Made Easy

*Or your favorite Crochet Website? Tell me!! Mine is The Crochet Liberation Front. “Fearless Leader” Laurie Wheeler is a true crochet advocate. Viva la Crochetvolution!

*Donate your hobbie love to charity! has a charity page to help you find a charity. also has a lovely listing of reputable charities that will accept crochet items for charity. It also has a little listing of suitable crochet projects. Free! And so does We All Sew.

*Strike up a conversation with someone you see shopping for yarn. You can break the ice by asking if they know March is National Crochet Month!!

On a side side note. National Crochet Month also coincides with Women’s History Month. This year’s theme is “Our history is our strength”. Tenacity, Courage, and Creativity. Triple Threat! The Library of Congress has a lovely page up. To celebrate this auspicious month I plan to do something I’ve never done before. Secret! But don’t let my secrets stop you from celebrating your way! Might I suggest something like say: Ask a guy out! Instead of vice versa! See what happens. What’s the worst that can happen? I think that might be on my TODO list this month. Or treat yourself and mom to a spa day! Whatever you like. Celebrate being you. Ha. Go Gettem Grrrls!!

March is Women's History Month

UPDATE: Here are my completed project and patterns.

Flying Fingers Yarn Shop

Mar 08

Flying Fingers Yarn Shop
Flying Fingers Yarn Shop
15 Main Street, Tarrytown, New York 10591
(914) 631-4113 (877) 359-4648

Field trip! I recently discovered something called the Yarn Bus. Which led me to Flying Fingers Yarn Shop in Tarrytown, NY about 40 minutes from Grand Central Station. A magical little shop set in the picturesque little town known for historic Sleepy Hollow. This shop is floor to ceiling, chock full, every nook and cranny, a veritable explosion of yarn. All hand curated by Flying Finger’s shop owner, Elise Goldschlag. This little yarn shop houses a distinctive collection of handcrafted yarns from all over the country and beyond.

It’s The Yarn Bus!
The Flying Fingers Yarn Bus will take Manhattanites from New York straight to their shop up in Tarrytown. Free! I didn’t take it myself but loved the idea. Especially because it’s so handy. You can save on a subway or train ride and take advantage of non-Manhattan prices while getting outta “Dodge”! Perfect. If you can catch the Yarn Bus, it’s no different than heading down to Brooklyn General. You can avoid all the stuff you don’t find appealing about New York yarn shops too. Like prices, crowds, and meager selections. They’ve made getting there easy, so what do you have to lose? The Yarn Bus runs on Saturdays and Sundays and makes roundtrips twice a day. Making a reservation is required so do call ahead. The Flying Fingers Blog also chronicles the Yarn Bus’s travels across country.

Yarn Bus - Flying Fingers Yarn Shop


Yarn 365

Mar 07
Yarn 365

YARN PORN! For those obsessed with all things knitting and crochet! And of course, YARN! Yarnaholics, Knitaholics, Crochetvolutionaries – I just discovered this wonderful blog all about yarn! Well pics of yarn that is. And lovely too. The nice details in the photos let you see they yarns’ fiber and texture up close! Great for ideas and inspiration when looking for suitable yarn for your next project. All without leaving the comfort of your own home. Very nice! Thanks Yarn 365. Heart your blog! Thanks for sharing your passion!

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